February 19, 2012

A day in Lucknow - The City of Nawabs (Part-3)

British Residency popularly known as Residency is a historical protected monument maintained by Archaeological Survey of India. This place was used by the British inhabitants as a refuge during the uprising of 1857. It houses various buildings and a museum also. Entrance fee is INR 5 and entry closes by 1630 PM.
Below is a photo journey of the place-
Main Gate and Ticket window

Historical Facts
Site Plan
Bailley Guard Gate is entrance gate to Residency

Notice on Bailley Guard Gate
Memory of Native officers and Sepoys
Dr. Frayer's House

Begum Kothi

Main Building
Main Building
Main Building
Lost Grandeur 
Canons in the lawn in front of Museum
Residency signature shot
Way to Church and Cemetrery
Church & Graveyard Info
Main Building

Banquetting Hall

Banquetting Hall
Residency is spread in a large area and you see only ruins of buildings amidst lush green gardens and old trees with young couples hiding themselves here and there. Earlier a light and sound show was performed here, not sure if it is continue or not.  As you come out of Residency, you see a Martyrs Memorial Tower (Shaheed Smarak) and Kargil Martyr Garden (Kargil Shaheed Vatika) on the opposite side of the road on the bank of Gomti river. A few boats are there to give you a ride to a Shiva Temple in the middle of the river, however the bank of the river is filled with filthy garbage flowing into river. 
Kargil Memorial Garden
Shaheed Smarak (Martyr Memorial)
Shiva Temple
Boat ride
Saddening scene - Garbage dump in river Gomti (Hotel Clarks Avadh in backdrop)


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