February 19, 2012

A day in Lucknow - The City of Nawabs (Part-2)

Rumi Gate:
On the main road outside the Bara imambara you will see a gateway called Roomi Gate. This is often portrayed as a logo of Lucknow city.
Full view of Roomi Gate
Roomi Gate has 3 doorways for passing traffic
Imambara side of Roomi gate (front)
Imambara on left, Naubatkhana on right
Clock Tower:
From here we reach towards Husainabad and see the clock tower and picture gallery. It is an old building with larger than life size portraits of Nawabs of Awadh. We captured some good shots of picture gallery and clock tower.The 67m red-brick clock tower, reputedly the tallest in India, was built in the 1880s in memory of Sir George Couper, a reform-minded Governor of UP (United Provinces in those days).
Clock Tower
Clock Tower from Picture gallery building
Shadow of clock tower in Husainabad tank
Close View
Shadow of the time
Picture gallery:
On the main road you will see a board of the road named Dara Nawab Road which leads towards Picture gallery building. This building was built by Mohammed li Shah.
Dara Nawab Road
Red building is picture gallery
 Info Notice
Inside the gallery (Nawab Wajid Ali Shah on the left)
On the other side of this bulding is an incomplete building called 'Satkhanda' built during rule of third king of Awadh (Oudh) Mohammed Ali Shah. This building was planned for 7 floors but could be made only up to 4 floors as construction was abandoned in 1840 when Mohammed Ali Shah died.
A stone with Urdu Shayari in devnagri
on the gate of Satkhanda
Satkhanda ruins
Chota (Small) Imambara:
This beautiful building was built in 1837-40 by  Nawab Muhammad Ali Shah, the third Nawab of Avadh to serve as his own mausoleum. Attractive chandeliers  brought from Belgium are some of the most appreciated items. The Golden dome, silver throne and gold-edged mirrors makes the Hussainabad Imambara,  grander of the two Imambaras.  You can view the Central hall of the Chota Imambara where you can notice  the graves of Nawab Muhammad Ali Shah and his mother Malika-i-Aliya. The graves are fenced with railings and covered with a embroidered Shamina.   
One most attractive monument  you see is a replica of Taj Mahal which is built in the Imambara campus and supporting monument - a similar building on either side of the water tank. This  attractive building houses the tomb of one of the princesses of the royal family. This is also called Shahjadi ka Maqbara. Opposite to this you can see an identical  structure which is a supporting structure but have a decent and attractive look. 
Husainabad gate before the Chota Imambara

After exploring the grandeur of Awadh, we reached the residency, which is described in next part 3 of this series.

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